Podcast Host, Millennial Dating Expert

"We Met at Acme"


Lindsey Metselaar

Why we chose her:

Jessica has been a fan for a while…now T.H. is also fan of the millennial dating expert! We love that Lindsey doesn’t shy away from any issues, no matter how sensitive or uncomfortable they may be. Everyone is on the dating scene at one point or another, and the issues faced are pretty much the same – Lindsey just puts it all out there front and center. She asks fun and hard questions every day to her Instagram audience, and makes you think about things you didn’t even realize you should be thinking about, no matter how old you are.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
If you're confused, they're not interested.

Lindsey Metselaar, host of the popular podcast “We Met at Acme” offers up some of her most valuable relationship lessons and dating advice.

“We Met At Acme” is a popular go-to resource for all of your dating questions, Lindsey Metselaar answers our divorce and dating questions.