Professional Organizer

Michelle Sarao

Why we chose her:

Michelle is a Real Life Expert who know how it feels to go through a divorce with young children. She also understands how important and healing it is to keep an organized and manageable home. She approaches the project with empathy and compassion while helping you find your way and prioritize the items you need vs. the ones you just like to have around.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
The goal of getting organized is not to be featured in Real Simple or Architectural Digest. The goal is to create a home and a life that is purposeful, which will then allow you to show up for yourself and your family empowered and confident.
Make a Connection:

Getting organized is tough anytime, now add Divorce into the mix! DivorceRX teaches us some simple things to consider to help us get it done!

What DO you do with all the STUFF you’ve collected during a marriage? DivorceRx can help. Grab a friend, grab a glass of wine, grab that junk and toss it!