Host of Sadie's Divorced and Happy Podcast

Sadie's Divorced and Happy Podcast


Sadie Marie

Why we chose her:

Sadie’s Divorced and Happy podcast, like our podcast and website, is not about encouraging anyone to get divorced. It’s advocating for people to recognize that they need to do what makes them happy and if they’re finding themself in a shitty divorce situation, she’s there to tell you, there’s light at the end of that tunnel. We love that her message is that there can actually be a lot of happiness, possibility, positivity, and new opportunities amid divorce.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Becoming really comfortable with yourself is one of the best gifts your divorce will give you. Grief is daunting but it's also a guide which leads to a much stronger sense of self and comfort with self.

Sadie wishes she knew earlier that happiness wasn’t found in another person, it comes from within. She’s worked it out and is ready for The Comeback!

Life after divorce is a process. The journey from grief to happiness is a journey that everyone does differently and in their own time.