Sarah Knight

Why we chose her:

Sarah Knight is a NY Times Best Selling Author.  Sarah’s direct swearing self-care books are amazing! She makes it a little less painful to do hard things. Jessica and T.H. are super fans of her books, calendar and newsletter – and are excited to read this new book Grow the F*ck Up!

One Thing she wants You To Know:
My new book, GROW THE F*CK UP: How to Be an Adult and Get Treated Like One.

Talk about no BS! “Grow the F*ck Up: How to Be an Adult and Get Treated Like One” by NYT Best-Selling author Sarah Knight is a must read for everyone!

NY Times Bestselling Author Sarah Knight shares her witty wisdom for getting through life (and divorce) by facing the truth, but with a laugh.

Sarah Knight, NY Times Bestseller’s next book Grow the F*ck Up is filled with great tools to help you adult and deal with life!