ToolBox Divas


Timisha Porcher

Why we chose her:

In searching online for someone dynamic and smart to teach and empower newly single women to take care of their homes, we found Timisha! Toolbox Divas came from her own need to do repair and build things around her home because she couldn’t afford to pay someone else – AND she believed SHE COULD DO IT! Now she teaches others how to do all sorts of things around their home – and makes it look easy!

One Thing she wants You To Know:
I'm a wife and mom working full time while managing a business on the side that has grown into a full-time side hustle.

Single life after divorce can be a challenge when you suddenly have responsibilities around your home that your partner used to handle.

Single in a home? Timisha, Toolbox Divas, teaches us what we must know when managing a home ourselves, how to fix things, and how to DIY!