Divorced over 40


Travis Rolo

Why we chose him:

Travis is helping to bring people together, start over with simple meet-ups throughout the country. Troubled times call for people who “get it” and we at exEXPERTS do and so do the people locally through Divorced over 40.

One Thing he wants You To Know:
Our goal is to give people access to engage with each others online for support and friendship, as well as create localized groups to allow real, in person engagement and friendships. We want to be a real resource for those in the community to share feelings and experiences that others can relate to and offer support and feedback. We currently have 49 city/state/country groups as well as other more specific groups such as women, men, widowed, multicultural, and general discussion.

Divorced over 40 was created by 3 adults who were looking for friends who understood what it felt like to be divorced, now it’s a community across the US.

Amy and Travis from Divorced Over 40 talk to us about the importance of finding community no matter what age or stage you are at. Do you have your people?