Internationally Recognized Relationship Expert

Susan Winter


Susan Winter

Why we chose her:

Susan is a leading relationship expert and love coach who has helped over 5,000 people find, and keep, love. As a bestselling author, (Older Women/Younger Men, Allowing Magnificence, and Breakup Triage), Susan specializes in evolutionary forms of loving partnership and higher thinking. She writes, speaks and coaches on dating issues, relationship challenges, and personal empowerment.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
"Don't be afraid to believe in love again. Be hopeful, but be smart. Be loving, but utilize healthy boundaries. Trust yourself to make the right decisions and to be your own best friend."

After a separation/divorce, the thought of dating can be scary and exciting! Susan guides us on what we need to know when we have our first date, again!

First dates can be scary. Will it lead to a first kiss? What about flirting? Susan Winter breaks it all down and gives you tools for post-divorce dating.

Anxious about trying to find out some important info about someone new? Totally normal! But we still need to work these questions into the conversation.

Relationship expert, Susan Winter, shares her tips to handle and enjoy your first date after your divorce. This is a scary and exciting time!

Have you been tested for COVID? When was your last STI / STD test? Do you use condoms? Susan Winter helps you ask these questions with confidence.

Dating is tough; dating during a pandemic is harder, or is it easier? Susan Winter, the relationship expert, coaches us on do’s and don’ts of dating.