Carmindy Bowyer’s Beauty Tips – “5 Minute Face”


Doing your makeup in 5 minutes sounds like a superhuman skill, only attainable by those who already possess flawless skin. But, for makeup artist Carmindy, flawlessness is inherent to everyone. 


  • Find Carmindy’s 5-Minute Face at the 31:28 minute mark of this broader podcast.
  • All you need is 5 minutes to unearth your inner beauty queen.
  • Quick beauty tips for every woman



TRANSCRIPT of 5- Minute Face Starting at 31:28

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Welcome to another episode of the exEXPERTS DIVORCE etc… Podcast where we give you all kinds of information and tips on everything divorce. Why? We’ve lived it, so we get it! We’re Jessica and T.H.

Jessica: The businesses that you’ve created and where you are now, one of the things that totally drew us in was the idea of the 5-Minute Face. I feel part of our prior conversation was how a lot of times when women are coming out of divorce, everyone’s so consumed with how am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to take care of myself? How am I going to take care of my kids? A lot of times, things seem frivolous when it comes to clothing and makeup and that sort of thing. But the truth is that’s actually one of the most important things because when you’re feeling good about yourself, that’s when you’re going to put your best self out there in everything in your life.

Tell us a little bit about that and why that’s such a strong message for you.

Carmindy: Yeah. Since I started my entire career, I’ve always been known as the light handed makeup artist. I’ve always looked at women as flowers. There are daffodils and orchids and cactus flowers and tulips and daisies, and they’re all completely unique. They all look completely different, but they’re all beautiful. I always wanted to enhance a woman’s natural beauty to make her feel her very best in a quick and easy way. I did it when I was doing my photo shoots, I did it for years on ‘What Not to Wear’, and it’s all about celebrating your uniqueness. We’ve been using cosmetics for thousands of years. The ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians would put on makeup but as a way of celebrating, as a way of fertility rites or festivals. It seems now if we do use makeup, we’re using it as a tool of insecurity like, ‘Oh, I hate my–’ ‘Or cover it up or I don’t feel good about myself.’ Well, we need to practice that ancient feminine ritual of self-beautification mainly because number one, it releases endorphins in the brain, so it makes you feel good. You’re self-pampering. You don’t need a ton, just polish your natural beauty. That’s when the 5-Minute Face came into play. I was on the show, and I was working with a lot of real women who say, ‘I don’t wear makeup’, or ‘I have five kids’, or ‘I’m too busy with my career’, or ‘I have Parkinson’s and I have a shaky hand so I can’t do tons of stuff. I need something that’s very easy to do.’ What I did is I was going to write a book about it, and I did, and it’s called the 5-Minute Face. It’s one of my first books. I was reading these case studies done by scientists to see when a woman is at her most beautiful. It wasn’t when she looked like a supermodel or looked like a celebrity, because standards of beauty have changed for thousands of years. Thousands of years. It totally changes. These researchers were going into even tribes. What they found, the one common thread that makes a woman at her most beautiful is when she’s at her most fertile. Well, that ship sailed obviously for a lot of us, but they broke it down. They broke down what that was and there were five things. Number one, her skin glowed, so that’s when I created my Carmindizing Highlighter. Okay, you know that one. I do that on every woman I work with, which is highlighting on top of the cheekbones, right under the brow, and inner corner of the eye. Highlight is just light, and light is energy, and you’re bouncing energy from your face. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, when you put on a little glow to your skin, you look radiant. The second thing that they realized was that eyes were capturing attention, like she’s trying to get her suitor, right? That is where I created the eyeliner and mascara. Simple, no need for eyeshadow, and you got your highlight on. The eyeliner is going to restore that lash line and make it look thicker, and a fun flirty lash is going to get noticed. Anybody any shape of eye can wear that. Your cheeks flush on a cellular level when you’re blushing when you’re at your most fertile and you’re in love. You see your guy, you flush. I created the perfect blush that just goes on the apples of your cheeks. Then last, they found your lips getting engorged with blood because you want to kiss when you’re excited. That is the lipstick, the last step. When I created these five products, which by the way are universal and work on all skin tones, I can put this on somebody again, who’s 18 or somebody who’s 80, and it restores them back to their most natural, radiant self. Simple, easy, and numbered in order of application, five steps. That way, it doesn’t matter if you wear foundation or tinted moisturizer, this is the color to bring your face back to life. It’s super easy and anyone can do it.

Jessica: If anyone does it then they’re feeling good about themselves, because now they’re walking out the door after having done something so easy and so simple. You completely put out a totally different energy.

Carmindy: So true. If you go out of the house, and your hair is a mess, and you have no makeup on, and you haven’t slept, you walk with your head down.

Jessica: That’s totally when you’re going to run into people you know.

Carmindy: Always. It never fails and your head is down and you’re like, ‘Oh god.’ It’s a couple of little things to really celebrate yourself, not change who you are. You’re not using contour and getting big fake eyelash extensions, none of that. Simplicity, just polishing what you have and the age you are right this moment. Just polish that. Just take care of that. You walk out of the house, your head is held high, and you do feel so much better.

TH: I come from a family that’s all about the way you look. I’m sure many people do. My grandmother never left her bedroom without her ‘face’ on. She actually stopped me once. I was on my way to the gym, and we were together, and I came back from the gym and she goes, ‘Where’d you go?’ I said, ‘I went to the gym.’ She goes, ‘You can’t leave the house without your face on.’ I’m like I was just working out and sweating my brains out. But that was that generation. I can’t tell you how many times my mother tried to put lipstick on my cheeks and then squeeze them.

Carmindy: Oh, the pinching cheek–.

TH: Right. That’s where I came from. I’ve always been like I don’t want the hassle of makeup. I just don’t. Now as I’ve matured, I’m willing to do some things. I’m wearing makeup today, but you can’t even tell. But simple is better. Even if you’re needing exEXPERTS, especially when you’re going through trauma or anything divorce, your mind is going to explode. There’s way too much information in your head. I can count five.  Even for cooking, for me, I am not a cook, but if it’s under five steps or under 20 minutes, I’m good. I’m not a lot of like mincing and stuff, just keep it simple. For me, your 5-Minute Face is so perfect because I should spend more time. I do spend more time than I used to but probably still not as much as I could. I can do five.

Carmindy: You can do five. Even for skin, I created a 4-piece skin system, which is just primer, foundation, concealer, and powder.

You can use one of those, or you can use all four of those, but they’re numbered in order of application. Because what I wanted women to understand is there’s way too much information out there, and there’s way too many brands, and everybody’s saying that theirs is the best. You walk into a makeup store, where do you even begin? What color? What’s this?  What’s that? As a makeup artist for 30 years, I know shades that are universal. I know formulas that are going to be quick and easy. My grandmother was the one that always didn’t leave the house without makeup, but my mom–I grew up as a tomboy. We grew up in Huntington Beach, California. We were surfing, we were going fishing, going camping, going hiking, and we were very outdoorsy, so it wasn’t high glamour. The fact that I got into the glamour industry is kind of funny because we’re really natural. But I think that’s why I went towards the more natural look alternative and what we’re seeing now, thank god, it’s at the end of this craze of Instagram and YouTubers pouring all these layers on their skin and painting on their eyebrows. Well, I think quarantine quieted that down because we were all at home, we stopped doing all that stuff, and we were behind masks. I think we set our skin free. Carmindy Beauty has always been about the watercolor approach, and less is more, and to enhance what you have. Now we’re saying that it’s back. Skin is in, and less is more, and just natural. Just take what you’ve got and celebrate it.

TH: I think that just is who you are as a person anyway. This whole conversation and the chat we had prior to this, you’re being true to you. This is how you truly feel, and you’re sharing it with others because you know it feels good.

Carmindy: It does.

TH: It’s not a sales pitch, and it’s not anything else. It’s just really authentic and that’s what makes you love your job, right?

Because you’re being true to you and you’re following your passion and you’re paying it forward. You’re allowing other people to have a tool that works for you, and you know it’s going to work for them. It’s so funny because exEXPERTS and beauty products couldn’t be– you look at categories like [unclear 41:26] this is our passion to pay it forward for what we know. You’re doing it in the form of beauty.

Carmindy: I think it all stemmed from when I was really, really young. When I was in junior high in high school, I was the overweight kid that was teased and bullied and made fun of. I wanted to get into beauty for many reasons and one of them was to make women feel good. It helped me feel good. Again, ‘What Not to Wear’, I spent ten years on that show listening. It wasn’t what I did on models, on the covers of magazines, it was the women that again just got a divorce, or just lost 100 pounds, or just survived breast cancer, or just lost their parent, or had an abusive boyfriend. I’m like, what do you want? Tell me about your life. What’s going on and how can I make it simple and easy? The brand has been this way before I even had a product made in a factory. This is what has been going on.

Jessica: It’s wonderful for people. Again, as T.H. said, coming out of divorce, there’s so much going on. But also, let’s not forget the fact that as everyone now reemerges after COVID, after not having worn makeup for so long, sitting around–you want something to make yourself look pretty when you walk out the door.

Carmindy: Right? It’s fun. It’s like a new dress. Just put a new lipstick on.

Jessica: Right. The 5-Minute Face and Carmindy’s products, for everyone listening, are going to be in our exRated section on exEXPERTS, because we couldn’t recommend it more. Hopefully, if you’re wearing it, you’re going to come across with the kind of energy that she’s putting out there, because feeling good about yourself is going to be the first step to the next phase of things for people.

Carmindy: That’s right.

Jessica: Thank you so much for your time and for opening up to us. I really think that your story is so powerful and resonates with so many people. It’s so important for people out there to not feel the shame and stigma of divorce, regardless of the circumstances of where they came from. You’ve got such a strong voice that we just really appreciate you sharing that with us today.

Carmindy: I’m so honored that you had me on because I think you’re right. The more stories we tell the more that we support and build each other up. We all have it in us to soar. We’re going to all be phoenix rising, don’t you worry about it.

Jessica: Thank you again Carmindy.

Carmindy: Thank you guys.

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