Owner, Founder

Carmindy Beauty


Carmindy Bowyer

Why we chose her:

In a word, we think Carmindy is fabulous! She’s a REAL LIFE expert like us and has faced one challenge after the next, but keeps moving forward to achieve the success she’s destined for. Carmindy is now her “best self” and has created a brand that mirrors her passion to make women feel good about themselves, beginning on the inside first. This is exactly the kind of message and product we know the exEXPERTS community will love and benefit from, and we’re big fans!

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Give yourself fearlessly to the unknown. Open yourself up to the limitless possibilities of experience. Beautiful knowledge is gained regardless of the outcome.

exEXPERTS speaks with Carmindy about a dating episode she experienced and had to share with you – this is filled with warnings about dating after divorce.

Carmindy Bowyer is a perfect example of a woman taken advantage of financially & emotionally, who got divorced and was determined to take her life back!

During divorce, makeup and self-care might be the last thing on your mind, but Carmindy’s 5-minute face can return much needed confidence.

Carmindy, CEO of Carmindy Beauty created a 5-Minute Face method. These easy, quick beauty tips will help you get back out there with ease!

How a fairytale love may have made her ignore the signs it was unraveling. What she learned and how she became a female leader, reinvented 3 times over.