Collaborative Divorce Attorney & Mediator

Vacca Family Law Group

New York City, NY

Andrea Vacca

Why we chose her:

Andrea specializes in Collaborative Divorce, she builds a team to help you come to a resolution in the most efficient way. Andrea is a strong advocate for her clients, without being adversarial, and without inflaming the strong emotions that can arise during divorce.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Hire attorneys and other divorce professionals who are committed to helping you have the least adversarial divorce possible. Court should be the last resort for your divorce.

Has your career taken off? Recently inherited money? Has your partner incurred a new large debt? You might want to know about post-nuptial agreements!

With collaborative divorce, you get an instant team of professionals including mental health and family specialists to help you divorce outside of court.

If having an amicable divorce is a priority for you and your ex, then the Collaborative Divorce process may be the best way to get the results you want.

Prenuptial agreements are not new, but have become more common. And a POST-nuptial agreement is something to consider too. Here’s what you need to know.